‘Vaping machine’ from a vending machine company could be a reality

The company behind a portable, $199 “vaping machine” from a local vendor is planning to build a manufacturing plant in the United States.

Vaping machines are not new to the United State.

The company that invented them, The Vaporizer Company, was founded in 1997 in San Diego, California, by Mike Fenn.

Since then, several other companies have followed suit, and by 2018 the company had established a presence in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“The Vaping Machine Company has the vision and capabilities to create a world-class, sustainable and affordable vaping product, a truly disruptive innovation that will reshape the future of electronic products,” the company said in a statement.

“We’re committed to bringing this innovative technology to market with an industry-leading team of skilled engineers, designers and manufacturers.”

Fenn told TechCrunch in March that the company was already in talks with multiple vendors, and he said the goal was to get a manufacturing facility up and running in time for the holidays.

“We’re looking to have a facility up in the fall, and we have a lot of work to do before that,” Fenn said.

“It’s still early days, and I’m sure it’ll take some time before it’s ready.”

While some of the company’s other products, like the “Mushroom Cloud” vape pen, have been made in China, this machine, the Vaping Cloud, will be manufactured in the US.

Fenn says the company has secured a facility to build the machine, and that the first shipment will be delivered by the end of this month.

“It will be fully assembled in the state of California, and will be assembled in our facility and shipped to the customer,” Forn wrote in a blog post.

“The process will be very similar to our existing products and processes, so it will not be a manufacturing factory.”

While the machine is powered by a battery, it uses a proprietary rechargeable battery, so Fenn told the Wall Street Journal that the unit will have a capacity of just two hours on a single charge.

The company also has a goal to ship around 100,000 units by the holidays, and Fenn wrote that he is looking to bring it to other parts of the world by the spring.