‘Green Machine’: This Week in Computer-Aided Design: Why it’s the best of the worst

The best of this week’s best articles: 1.

‘A New Breed of Machine’: Machine learning is revolutionizing the way we teach and learn.

In this week, learn how machine learning is helping to create more efficient software, a cleaner internet, and a healthier planet.


‘What to Know Before You Start: How to Make Sense of Machine Learning,’ by John Cook, New York Times: The book explores the ways machine learning has changed how we think about information and what we can learn from it. 3.

‘Machine Learning: The Hidden Technology that’s Changing the Way We Work,’ by Andrew McAfee and Jeff Dean: This book tells the stories of a small but growing group of scientists and engineers who are using machine learning to create artificial intelligence tools for doctors, and to create new ways to do things.


‘The Science of Machine Intelligence,’ by Steven Pinker, Harvard University Press: This is the definitive text on the science of artificial intelligence, and is the first comprehensive study to analyze the findings of hundreds of studies, hundreds of papers, and thousands of interviews.


‘How Machine Learning Works,’ by Yann LeCun and David K. Anderson, MIT Press: In this fascinating look at how the power of machine learning transforms the world around us, the MIT professors describe how this power is transforming our lives, and why it’s a great idea for everyone.


‘Dive Into the Future of Machine Language,’ by Michael Moritz, Oxford University Press, New Press: A look at what machine learning and the future of machine language might look like in the near future.


‘Building a Computer Vision Framework for Machine Learning: From a Beginner’s Guide to a Powerful Toolset,’ by Justin Sullivan, MIT Technology Review, New Tech: The MIT Technology Assessment Team is one of the leading research groups on the development of the new generation of AI. 8.

‘Deep Learning: A Guide to the Future’ by Andrew Ng, MIT, MIT Media Lab: The first comprehensive guide to Deep Learning, this book includes everything you need to understand the subject.


‘Catching Up: The New Science of Understanding Data and Representations in Computer Vision,’ by Sean Parker, Microsoft, MIT: The next step in understanding computer vision is the best, and this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to get into the field.


‘Futurists: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the World,’ by Nick Bostrom, MIT Review, MIT Tech: This brilliant book tells us how AI could transform our world.