A man’s plan to become a vending machine salesman ends in a failed attempt at a vending business

A man in Ohio is looking to cash in on a vending device business, with his idea that his wife made a vending machines for her son and daughter.

Cecil Scott has been working as a cashier at a CNC machine shop since 2012.

The business has been in the news recently, after a video went viral showing a man walking in with a shopping bag and claiming to have made the machines for his wife.

Scott has been using the business to pay for college, his children’s college education, as well as rent.

He’s been able to make enough money to support his family and his business.

He has also put his wife’s name on the machine business and posted a picture of himself with the machine on Facebook.

He says his wife told him that they made the money off the machine, and he is looking for more business to make.

Scott said his wife was excited when he told her about his vending machine venture.

He said the machine would only be used for her business, but not to be sold to the public.

He said he’s willing to put in a lot of time to make it work, but is concerned about his wife and his children being harmed.

Scott is not alone in his attempt to make money from vending machines.

A woman in Missouri is using the machines as part of her own vending business.

She says she has already made over $20,000 from the business.