The latest trailer for The Last of Us, the new PlayStation 4 video game from Naughty Dog, has just been released and it’s pretty good.

The game is set in New York City in 2019 and follows Ellie as she embarks on a journey to save the city.

Here’s what the official trailer has to say about the game:The trailer was released in advance of the game’s release on July 14 and it features Ellie waking up to find herself in a small apartment with her father.

She also has a conversation with Joel, her older brother, in which they discuss what to do with Ellie’s weapon.

This is all pretty standard and you might be thinking: “Oh, what’s a weapon?”

Well, if you’ve played the game, you already know what a weapon is: a device that allows you to kill enemies with your bare hands.

The trailer also shows Ellie’s character being transported to a “space station” and Ellie and Joel begin a mission in which Ellie has to get to the space station before the other team can.

After that, Ellie will be given a new weapon called the N-Strike and have to fight her way through the city in order to survive.

In addition to this trailer, Naughty Dogs has also released a short video with a different version of Ellie’s backstory.

This version of her backstory has Ellie having been born a child of a military man and her father has a son who was shot by a sniper and Ellie is now a child in the military.

This means Ellie’s dad is the man she married in the original game.

It looks like the game will be out in the US on July 15, 2020.

The PlayStation 4 version of The Last Of Us is due out in 2018.