When you need to buy an all-in-one washing machine for your next home remodel

What to look for when buying an all in one washing machine: •The size, type, and model of the washing machine should be relevant to your needs.

If the model is too large, it could be more expensive.

•It’s important to look at the price tag on the unit before you buy.

If it’s too cheap, you may be able to get it for less than it costs to repair.

•The price tag of a washing machine is a good indicator of the reliability of the machine.

This is important when you’re buying a new washing machine.

•Washing machines have a shelf life of several years.

You should be able the buy one today and have it in your home for a few years, or possibly longer.

For most consumers, that’s usually a couple of years.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your washing machine, consider investing in a higher-quality washing machine to replace the one you have now.

•When you buy a new or refurbished washing machine with an extended warranty, you’ll have the option of paying more for a new machine.

You can usually negotiate a lower price than if you bought it new.

If a lower-priced washing machine doesn’t meet your needs, you should consider a refurbished one.

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