A portable oxygen machine to be used in a community pharmacy

Posted October 04, 2018 12:06:10A new technology to allow people to breathe air in their homes is on the market in Canada.

The Portable Oxygen System is designed to be carried in a pocket or bag and has a range of different functions, including as a home air quality monitor, an oxygen supply for pets and the first portable oxygen device to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“The portable oxygen system allows people to have access to the same level of oxygen that they breathe at home, whether it’s at home or in their own home,” said Jennifer Sorensen, CEO of BioBike, the company behind the system.

“This allows people, especially young people, to be more active, able to have healthier lifestyles and enjoy more exercise.”

Sorensens’ company has been working on the product for the past five years and has recently received $1 million in funding.

BioBikes has been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and is the only manufacturer of portable oxygen systems in Canada, Sorenesens said.

The device can be used for three hours a day and is made of a material that absorbs CO2.

It measures 0.5 grams of CO2 per square metre, which BioBikesh is aiming for.

The company says the device will allow people who have respiratory conditions to be active and get exercise.

It can also help those who cannot breathe from having a respite.

“It’s a device that has a simple interface,” said BioBikers president, Steve Gaudette.

“It’s small, it has a pocket, it’s a simple, easy to carry product.”

Gaudette said the company is still evaluating the safety and efficacy of the device, but it is a “great improvement” over the traditional inhaler that uses compressed air to inhale oxygen.

“We are taking this technology to the next level,” he said.

“We have seen many people suffering from respiratory issues in the past few years, and we are hopeful that this technology will help them to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The company is hoping to sell about 1,000 units in 2018.

Sorenasen said the devices have a range from $299 to $999 and can be found on the BioBiker website.

BioBikes CEO Steve Gaffney said the device has been developed in partnership with the Canadian Heart Foundation.

The system works by combining a battery with a pump and two oxygen sensors.

The pump can detect CO2 levels that are above the recommended levels and will deliver oxygen to the lungs, Gaffneys said.

“What the device does is essentially, it basically creates a pump that delivers the air that is going to your lungs and delivers it through your nose,” he explained.

“The air that you breathe, we can measure how much of that air is being absorbed, and it’s actually a little bit more effective at removing CO2 than a regular inhaler.”

You’re going to be able to see the amount of CO02 that’s being taken out of the air and it also provides a very accurate reading of your CO2 level.

“The device comes with a built-in battery pack, which allows it to last up to four hours on a single charge.