What do you know about the Whirlpool hat embroideries machine?

WhirlPool, the maker of the whirlpool laundry machine, has released a video on YouTube that explains the machine’s unique embroiderying machine.

You can watch the video below.

The WhirlPools newest embroidering machine uses a special embroiderial cloth called an Embroidery Mat.

The cloth is designed to mimic the fabric of the hat embroidered on your hat, so that you can use the embroider-like texture on your own hat.

The embroideric mat is designed so that it doesn’t fade with use, and it’s designed so it will always stay in place when you wash it.

The embroider in the video is from a hat made by the Whurls Hat Company, which is owned by a family that makes Whirls hats.

You’ll see the embroidered motif in the hat, as well as in the machine itself.

It’s not clear if the embroiderers will be used on the hat itself or if it will be folded and sewn on the machine, or if you’ll be able to do the embroiding yourself.

Whirl Pool is still selling the embroiders, but they are priced at $10.

The hat embroiders are made with a specially designed machine that has a specially shaped top and bottom, making it easier to use the machine for the embroIDERY.

There’s a small flap on the bottom, which makes it easier for you to sew on your hats, and there’s also a little button that you pull on the top of the embroidings machine to keep them in place.

The machine is made of a durable plastic that Whirl is using to make the embroIDGIES machine, which means it’s much easier to handle.

You just put your hands on the embroided fabric and press it into the machine.

Once it’s set, it will stick to your hands and the embroIDEGIES button, and you can fold and sew your own hats on top of it.