How Israel’s snow machine was built

By Yaron GivonThe Israeli army has spent more than $4.5 million on a new snow machine that it hopes will make snowmen for its troops.

The new machine, the Snow Machine 3, is a joint venture between Israel’s defense ministry and the Norwegian firm Moller.

It is intended to replace the Snowmachine 1, which was made by the Norwegian company H&M.

The Snow Machine 1, made in Norway, was designed to use a snow machine as its sole power source.

The Snow Machine 2, designed by Moller, uses an electric motor and was meant to replace a snow truck.

The company said the Snow Machines 3 will be equipped with sensors, GPS tracking, a camera and a camera mounted on the front of the machine.

Israel’s Defense Ministry said that Israel will use the machine to track snow ploughs, track enemy activity and search for enemy vehicles in the Gaza Strip.

It said the machine will also help the army locate and destroy mines.