Why you should buy a new washing machine, says Amazon

Amazon is introducing a new model of its washing machine that it says will offer better performance and ease of use than its existing model.

The new model, which will be available in August, features a higher capacity, a more durable frame, and a “more flexible design.”

The washing machine will also be equipped with a wireless charger, which Amazon says “will allow for easy setup of charging and use with other devices.”

The new version of the washing machine comes in three models: a smaller, cheaper model, a larger, more expensive model, and an all-new, $299 model.

There’s also a “special edition” version, which costs $399 and includes a wireless charging dock, a charging port, and “a new, more flexible design” that will be offered in September.

The price for the new washing machines comes in at $199, which is significantly cheaper than the $299 version that was previously available.

Amazon hasn’t revealed how many customers will get the new model.

But it’s likely that most will get an older model.

In the meantime, if you have a washing machine you’d like to give a try, Amazon’s new product page has a list of what you need to do to get one.

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