How did this carpet cleaner machine get away with killing millions of people?

When a cleaning machine with the handlebar-mounted, vacuum-powered, self-cleaning and sanitizing machine gun was discovered to be illegally dumping billions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, the National Football League was outraged.

It quickly took the machines off the field.

But now, a new machine in use by the National Basketball Association and the NBA is catching fire in the court of public opinion.

The San Francisco-based company that manufactures the $3.9 million machine is now under investigation by state regulators for what many are calling a public health catastrophe, according to reports.

A report by the Associated Press found the San Francisco Fire Department was contacted after a worker on Monday found the machine in a San Francisco garage with an electrical component in a leaky tank.

Fire officials said it was the first time they had encountered a fire with a self-contained electric cleaning system, according the AP.

According to the AP, the worker who discovered the malfunction was among at least 17 workers to come into contact with the cleaning system over the past three days.

The AP did not say who owned the system or what caused the malfunction.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission also responded to the fire but did not comment on the cause of the fire.

An inspection of the San Diego, Calif.-based company’s machines showed they were in violation of state and federal regulations, according AP.

The machines in question are part of the $1.4 million SuperBasket, which the NFL and NBA are using to help combat air pollution.

They were introduced in 2017 by a partnership between the NFL, NBA and the American Lung Association.

The machines collect dust and debris, which then travels through the air to the ground.

The AP reported that the machines are designed to vacuum up and remove pollutants from the air, and that the EPA said that the San Fran-based manufacturer had violated its own air quality standards.

“There’s no other option,” said Michael Brown, a former EPA official who is now with the Sierra Club.

“The only other alternative is a huge, dangerous air pollution problem.”

The AP said the cleaning machine is designed to be used on outdoor surfaces such as sidewalks, streets, parking lots and other surfaces.

It is designed so that it can use the same energy as a hose to remove the dirt from surfaces.

The EPA told the AP that the cleaning power can reach 400 watts.

The EPA said it is investigating the company for its actions and said it will take steps to protect public health.

The league has not commented on the fire, nor has the NBA.